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I took this photo of this old tree a few years ago, but I love the textures in the photo, and the contrast between the smooth mist and the gnarled bark and sharp edges of the tree.

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Cds 060 farming
Vegetable farm workers in Philippi. With the exception of the tractor, these farmers still follow a very manual, labour-intensive method of farming. It is not through choice, but rather through the simple fact that in South Africa that labour is cheap, but equipment is very expensive, making it almost impossible for the small farmers like this to modernise their operations.

This area is very much in the press at the moment; there is a debate as to whether to keep using the land for farming, or to start building on it.

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Cds IMG 5901Last year the Cape Town Cycle Tour was cancelled because of dangerously high winds. This year there is not a breath of air. It is perfect conditions for the cycle tour. Since I discovered running I have almost completely stopped cycling, but I still like to walk down to Main Road to support and watch the cyclists. I prefer to wait for the tail-end to come through; they are far more social and relaxed on the road.

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Enjoy the pics from Sunday.

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Cds 027 lakesidecanals

The canal leading out of Zandvlei, looking towards Muizenberg beach. Taken standing on the bridge above the sluice gates.

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Cds 013 zandvlei panorama

Panoramic view of Zandvlei, taken from the top of Boyes Drive in Cape Town.

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Cds 154 horseandcart
This looks weird. A horse and cart filling up at the petrol station!

Actually he was getting the tires pumped.

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Cds 053 Swings

Children’s swings made from old car tires. You see these swings all over the city. When I was younger I used to play on the swings in the park near my house almost everyday. And now I see children playing on the swings in the park near my house everyday.

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Cds 024 MuizenbergStation
Muizenberg Train Station. Today is one of those strange days where the weather is not quite sure what it is going to do.

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Cds 031 windsurfers

When the wind blows in Lakeside (all the time), it brings the kitesurfers to the beach, and the windsurfers to the vlei (lake). Here is a pic that I captured of a windsurfer on Zandvlei. I was trying to get a sense of the speed he was moving. Hope it worked.

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Cds 059 reflection

It is not often that Cape Town is so quiet. This was taken on the Kirstenhof green belt, with the Silvermine mountains in the background and reflecting off the Westlake River.

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