34 things to do when stuck in bed

I have been stuck in bed for over two weeks now, and while Lois and everybody is being really wonderful, I am board!

So, here are 34 things to keep you busy when stuck in bed!

  1. Catchup on your reading
  2. Surf the net
  3. Catchup on your newsfeeds
  4. Phone all your friends
  5. Cleanup your mailbox
  6. Download and play with virtual lego
  7. Arrange your MP3 collection and create new playlists
  8. Try to understand what the globs on your MRI scan actually mean
  9. Create lists of things to do when stuck in bed
  10. Check your e-mail about 100x per day in case anything interesting has happened since the last time you checked
  11. Change the colour scheme on your computer
  12. Figure out if downloading the 3gig installation for the trial version of Warcraft is really worth it
  13. Read more books
  14. Play online tetris
  15. Google everybody you know
  16. Play on Facebook
  17. Play on LinkedIn
  18. Create Christmas Shopping Lists
  19. Research every medical procedure known to man – just in case
  20. Write aimless blog posts
  21. Update the layout of your website
  22. E-mail all your friends
  23. Stare out of the window
  24. Google your doctor
  25. Shout at the cat for "bathing" on the bed
  26. Read even more books
  27. Wonder which book to read next because by now you have read all the good ones
  28. Cleanp your desktop (on your pc)
  29. Sleep
  30. Play every game that came free with your computer, and realise why they are free
  31. Defrag your harddrive
  32. Read even more books…
  33. Google your pets
  34. Order warcraft online because the download is too big

What have I missed, I am sure I will be adding to this list shortly…?

Watch out for the next installment of this exciting drama – alternative treatments recommended to me (by non-experts) for a slipped disc!

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