Hisense Wheel of Excellence

Cds MG 0344 2This giant 50m Ferris wheel has been at the entrance to the Waterfront since the beginning of June.

According the website, “the giant observation wheel, a first for Cape Town and South Africa, is a unique way to savour panoramic bird’s-eye views of Cape Town, Paarl, Table Mountain and Robben Island. Sporting 36 fully-enclosed cabins, friends and family can sit back and savour the city skyline on the 15 minute round trip”

Cds MG 0344 3
I have not managed to visit it yet (it only opens at 11am), but I am looking forward to my visit. Ticket prices are R70 per person, and R40 for children, so I don’t think that it is too bad.
You can also hire the luxary private cabin, but they decline to give prices for that on their website!
They promise it will be here for at least 6 months, so I suspect that it will move somewhere else directly after the Christmas season.

More details are on their website

World’s largest vuvuzela

Cds MG 0354 9

This vuvuzela has been sitting on top of the unfinished bridge for quite some time now. It was built by Hyundai as a promotion for the FIFA world cup tournament which South Africa recently held.

It is approximately 53m long (112 feet), and was blown as a call to action to go and watch the game before each match.

I hope that they leave it there as a reminder of a great month, and of course it finally puts the bridge to good use!

The Factory

Cds 153 TheFactory

I am not sure why, but this building freaks me out a little. It is an old factory in Port Elizabeth that has been converted into offices. However, it looks to me like the sort of place that a Stephen King movie might be set. I don’t think I would be entirely happy working there.

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