South Africa

Crocodile and Frog

My regular blogs are going to take a small detour to Klerksdorp, just outside of Johannesburg, since I spent a few days at a Toastmasters conference in the area. We stayed at a wonderful (and eclectic) guest house called the Rabbit Hole, and I got some interesting shots there.

Today’s pic is of a wooden crocodile with a frog in its mouth, found outside one of the rooms.

Misty Muizenberg

For the last few mornings and evenings, we have been having a rather strange hot and muggy coastal mist, which means that I never seem to see my house in sunlight. Of course the weather at my work in Durbanville is wonderfully sunny. How strange.

This shot is of the pedestrian footbridge crossing Zandvlei on the Muizenberg side of the vlei, a shortcut to the railway station and main business areas.

Father and Son

I love this shot; the father on the large windsurfer was surfing next to his son who was on on the smaller board. He was giving advice to his son from across the water. Judging on how the son was doing, he is not going to need advise for much longer. He is already far better that I ever was.

The strangest little boat ever

I saw this boat on Zandvlei at the weekend. It has a fiberglass hull, and you sit in front of the mast and steer with your feet (much as you would with a Kayak). That tiny little homemade sail was not at all effective, but I am sure that with a bigger sail it could be quite a fun experience.

I asked the person that helped to launch the boat, and he told me that the original mast had been stolen so this was a trial of a newhomemade sail. Perhaps a little more time in the workshop is in order…

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