Battleship New Jersey

Cds 2006 08 15 18 33 26 OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP X450 D535Z C370ZThe Battleship New Jersey is moored in Camden, on the Delaware river opposite Philadelphia. She served in the Pacific in World War 2, Korea and Vietnam. She has the unusual distinction of being decommissioned twice, first in 1969 (she was decommissioned in 1982) and again in 1992.

Cds 2006 08 15 00 46 44 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL
Now she is open to the public. Lois and I went on the guided tour and it was a fascinating tour (you are welcome to wonder around by yourself).

Some useless information: she weight 46000 tons, carries a crew of almost 2000, and is 270m long.

Writing implements

Cds MG 1802

I spotted these writing supplies while walking on the Rialto Bridge in Venice. I love the old-world feel to the fountain pens which still need to be dipped into inkwells to keep the ink flowing. Beautiful? Yes. Practical? No, not at all.

Route 66

Cds 2007 08 20 16 15 30 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

When we travelled a little on Route 66, it was exactly as I expected. Small towns, slightly rundown with a somewhat regretful feeling of having been left behind. While the interstate highway system makes it really easy to get around USA, visiting the small towns brings to home how much they have simply been cutoff from the rest of the world. Route 66 is trying very hard to use it’s historic status to bring in visitors and keep money in the local economy, and I was glad to help a little in that.

Cds 2007 08 20 18 14 57 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

Sunflowers in Provence

Cds 2005 07 04 10 06 38 OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP X450 D535Z C370Z

While Province is well-known for the lavender fields, it is also covered in sunflower fields. Here is one of the many that we drove through when we were travelling in Provence. You can see them from miles away, bright yellow flag in the middle of the fields.

Cds 2005 07 04 10 07 31 OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP X450 D535Z C370Z

The streets of Paris

Cds 2005 06 27 18 35 51 OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP X450 D535Z C370Z 2

Walking through the streets of Paris in the 21st century, you so get the feeling that not much has changed in many years. The streets are full of cafe’s, small grocery and wine shops, and Parisians going about their day.

Almost every street corner has a cafe, and there are always people sitting outside drinking coffee. I could spend months just wondering around the streets of Paris.
Cds 2005 06 27 18 53 48 OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP X450 D535Z C370Z

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