Things to do when in Vegas…

What to do when in Vegas? Well, basically anything. Here is a small selection of the more unusual distractions; all taken in a shopping mall within about 100m of each other.

Buy a chicken suit

Eat hot chilli sauce

Get tattoos done in a shopping mall

Goto a strip club. Ok, I suppose this one is not that unusual in Vegas, but in a shopping mall?

Bally’s Hotel

It is really hot in Vegas at the moment, about 35 degrees or so. So while it might look lazy to use these moving travellators, it simply gets far too hot in the heat of Vegas to walk around everywhere. So you find yourself taking every shortcut possible to remain a little cooler, such as using the covered walkways and taking shortcuts through the hotels.

Long Island

I caught this shot coming into JFK airport at about 5:30 in the morning, just before we landed. The view is looking up towards Long Island, in the general Boston Direction.

This was taken with the point and click, but considering the circumstances, I think that it came out ok.


I had a meeting in Bo-Kaap today, an old suburb just on the outside of the city bowl. The lovely sunshine was perfect weather to shoot a few pictures and play with my new 10/22mm lens before my next meeting.

The whole neighbourhood is colourfully painted, and being a traditional Muslim area, they are lots of beautifully build Mosques to photograph.

You can find out more on the Bo-Kaap website:

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