Gibson Guitar wall

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A wall at Planet Hollywood, Times Square. It contains a couple of hundred Gibson Guitars, mostly the Les Paul.

This is a fitting memorial to the famous Les Paul, who died on August 13 2009. He created the Gibson Les Paul guitar, which was played by almost every rock band in the world.

He also invented multi-track recording, which of course revolutionised the music industry.

Where school busses go to die

It just looked sad, rows and rows of discarded school busses, after spending years moving school children to and from school, ensuring that the child arrive safely at school, the old busses have completed their useful life. They have now been discarded, and left out in the elements to slowly rust away, and die a lingering and painful death.

USA 003

USA 001

 USA 002

Safe in Calgary – but almost never made it

We arrived in Calgary, Canada last night. However, we almost did not make it. We were flying out of Philadelphia airport via Toronto, but when we went to check in, it seemed that were were booked onto an earlier flight, but via Denver! There had been some miscommunication between me and the travel agent!

Thank goodness that there wa extra space available on the Toronto leg. So, 3 orchids to the very helpful lady from Air Canada that managed to sort everything out for us so that we could get onto the Toronto flight.

Calgary is a very pretty (and clean) city. Downtown has loads of great restaurants and pubs, mostly located on 8th Ave – Stevens Walk.

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Calgary Downtown

We had dinner at the Unicorn which was a great pub. I was told that they do the best fish and chips in the world, and they were pretty fine. We will go back later this week.

Not to be missed is the Calgary Tower, a climb of over 540 feet, with a great panoramic view from the top. They even have a section where you can stand on glass, and look straight down – an adrenalin inducing experience.

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A long way down…

Cds 2008 08 08 16 27 56 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

View from the top of the Calgary Tower

A day in Baltimore

We spent the day at the Baltimore Inner Harbour. I am told that the V&A Waterfront is partly based on the Baltimore Inner Harbour, and you can really see the influence; the below picture could be the V&A. There are loads of pubs and restaurants, as well as waterfront activities, such as boat trips and tours.

Cds 2008 08 06 15 43 31 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

Baltimore Inner Harbour

The Inner Harbour is popular with both locals and tourists – many people use the area for jogging. Although since it was over 30 deg, they were a bit too keen for me! It was far more leisurely to spend the afternoon sitting outside enjoying a light meal and a couple of beers, which of course we did. We ate a a great outdoors pub called J Paul. They have been going for 21 years, and the food was really great.

Cds 2008 08 06 17 16 48 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

Enjoying a drink at J Pauls

Cds 2008 08 06 16 28 29 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

Like all big cities, they had a Hard Rock cafe, and a Barns and Noble – in this case housed in an old power station.

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