Swietokrzyski Bridge

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The Swietokrzyski Bridge (don’t ask me to pronounce that – it means Holy Cross) is a suspension bridge across the Vistula river in Warsaw. I took these two pics when I went for an afternoon run to explore the city. I love the converging lines that the support cable create as they climb to meet in the sky.

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The Grand Canyon

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Before I visited the Grand Canyon I was told that it would take my breath away. But I’ve been told that about many places I have visited, and I wasn’t
sure what to expect.

When I got to the canyon and visited the rim, it quite literally took my breath away. There simply is no way any picture can come close to describing the experience of being a tiny person standing on the edge looking down into that massive hole in the land. It’s huge. Douglas Adams would almost certainly have said that it was mindbogglingly huge, and he would have be right.

I was speechless. It took me about 5 minutes before I could gather my thoughts and attempt to describe what I was seeing to Lois. The canyon is almost 2km deep; you could put the whole of Table Mountain into it, and place another Table Mountain on top of that, and it would be about level (you would still have loads of space around the edges).

I’m not doing much justice describing my experience, and I know that if you visit you will understand what I am trying to say; the scale is just so profound.

Best you get there yourself.

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Vegas Strip at night

This is probably the first night-time/tripod shot that I ever took. It was in 2007, on one of the elevated walkways between the New York New York and MGM hotels. I was using my new Canon 350D and a tiny desktop tripod.

On the left is New York New York with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, and on the right Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the foreground.

Cds 2007 08 10 05 30 04 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

Paris in Vegas

Cds 2007 08 08 17 59 36 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT
My last post was a photo of Paris, France. Today we are looking at a very different Paris; the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. This French-themed hotel is complete with a quarter size model of the Eiffel tower that even has an elevator that will take you to the top! It was fun to visit, but nothing like like visiting the real Paris.

Notre Dame and the Seine River

Cds 2005 06 22 20 37 52 OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP X450 D535Z C370Z

On our first evening in Paris we decided to take a short walk from our hotel to the river and back. When we arrived at the river I saw this vista; the sun setting behind the towers of Notre Dame cathedral. At the time I didn’t even know that it was the famous cathedral; it was simply a lovely view. It was only the next day when we went for some more exploration that we realised.

That was my introduction to Paris, a truly magnificent city.

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