The canals of Venice

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There are two places I have visited that looked exactly like I imagined in my head. The first was the mountains of Switzerland, and the second are the canals of Venice. The water is a deep emerald, there are quaint wooden and stone bridges linking the many islands together and the city is in a constant battle for survival against the elements.

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If you want to get around you either walk or take a boat. It’s the only time in my life that I have taken a boat to the airport and many of the hotels have a dock as the primary entrance. You can easily get lost wondering around the city. In fact getting lost is probably one of the best ways to visit the city. Just wonder around and see the buildings and experience a little of this unique city.

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The Pantheon is a remarkable building. It was completed by the Emperor Hadrian around 126AD, and has been in continues use ever since.

The dome starts at about 6m thick, and narrow to about 1.5m at the top (that’s 4535 metric tons). The dome is 43m in diameter and staggering to look up at. It is a remarkable piece of engineering, especially considering that it was build almost 2000 years ago.

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PS: It’s free to visit.

Final approach

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I once spent a few minutes on a retired World War 2 amphibious military personnel carrier, floating on the Potomac River, directly on the landing path of aeroplanes landing at Dulles International Airport.

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Looking back I’m a little surprised that we are allowed at all; I’m sure it would have been a security risk for the airport.

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Well it was a great opportunity to shoot he planes, with a camera of course.

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The boat was a DC Duck, which provides a unique way to tour Washington DC. You drive around the streets for a bit, then you drive straight into the river for a short river cruise, than back onto the road to where you zstarted!

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