This is one of the many olives groves in Greece. We stumbled on this particular one because Google Maps insisted that there was a road between two towns, but as we quickly discovered, it started out as a road, then became a jeep track, and finally a thin path down into a farm somewhere. So while we got to see this wonderful olive grove, we were, in fact lost!

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Manhattan seen from the top of the Empire State Building; the city looks like a massive lego construction from that height.

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Havre De Grace

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Havre De Grace is a small village on the edges of Chesapeake Bay, fulled with lovely sea-side restaurants, all with lovely views of both the bay and the Susquehanna River at the head of the bay. While were only there for the afternoon, it would be a lovely place to spend a relaxing weekend enjoying the view and lovely walks in the area. Its also the perfect place to get some of the amazing Chesapeake crab-cakes, which are just wonderful. They are a mixture between a burger and fish-cake, and they are really tasty.

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Europa marathon

When we last travelled to Poland, I realised that we could take a (somewhat) small detour and visit the lovely town of Gorlitz. The reason being that the Europa Marathon was in Gorlitz, and of course I grabbed the opportunity of running it.

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Entering Poland

This is a somewhat unique race in that it crosses the border into Zgorzelec in Poland – just over the river, and then back to Germany – my first (quite literally) cross-country race.

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Supporters – one of them gave me a mid-race beer

It was a tiny marathon; only 110 people ran it, so it was small and intimate; it was great running past the supporters because they would sit around relaxing and then burst into cheering and applause as I ran past.

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It was also a beautiful route to race – a large part of the race was country roads and bicycle paths through woods and farms.

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At the finish

I loved running this tiny marathon, and I’m somewhat amazed that it is not bigger. It was super-well organised and a lovely route. There are also a few other events (half marathon, inline skate races, unicycle marathons etc). If you have the opportunity go and run a marathon in Gorlitz.

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A well-deserved brakwurst and beer at the finish

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