Kalk Bay Harbour

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It’s not often that I get around to taking photos in my home town. I’ve been to Kalk Bay Harbour so many times, but its not often that I take pics of it. Well the other day I was having lunch at the harbour and it was a beautiful and wind-free day, so I took the opportunity for a quick photo. The fishing boats still go out every day, and you can still buy fresh fish from the harbour. And yes, Kalkies is still the best place in Cape Town for fish & chips.

Socrates Prision

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This is supposedly the prison where Socrates was incarcerated after he annoyed the Athenian government. Nobody really know whats its original purpose was, but in World War 2 it was used to hide the antiquities of the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum from German looters.

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You can find it on Philoppapos hill, about 100m down the path after the cross the road at the Acropolis bus park.

Theatre of Dionysus

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To get the best view of the Theatre of Dionysus you need to climb the Acropolis and look over the Southern Wall. The theatre was build in the sixth centure BCE, and holds about 15000 people. It is widely considered to be the first ever build theatre, and is the birthplace of Greek theatre.

PS: your Acropolis ticket includes the theatre, and you are welcome to wonder around the ancient site.


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The Erechtheion is one of the buildings that forms teh Acropolis in Athens, Greece. It honours both Athena (godess of athens) and Posidean (god of the sea). It has a lovely porch with 6 figures supporting the roof. The building is actually smaller than originally planned due to budgetary constraints due to the cost of the Peloponnesian war (yes even in ancient times budget was a concern).

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