Little stone building

When I was going for a run on Aegina from Vagia to the Temple of Aphaia I ran past this little stone building in the middle of an olive grove. I don’t know what it is used for, but I bet it it is full of farming equipment used to grow and harvest olives (although I am not sure what you really need to grow olives – I think you just let the trees do their thing? Anyway I think it is a nice building.

Cds IMG 2669

Fish market in Aegina town

Cds IMG 2914
It is so easy to get fresh fish in Aegina; every restaurant has a great selection of local and fresh fish. In the middle of town there is a small fish market, surrounded by little seafood restaurants, and the fish is fantastic!

Cds IMG 2913
One of the restaurants outside the fish market. I don’t recall the name of the fish that I ate, but it was a huge plate of really small sardine-like fish with soft bones. I just ate the entire fish, and they were really good! I am getting hungry just remembering my meal.

Aegina town and port

Cds IMG 3072 Pano

This is a view of the main town in Aegina from the ferry back to Athens. It is such a beautiful little port, and I so want to get back there for a few days.

Wine in Aegina

Cds IMG 2641
This is how you get a carafe of wine in Aegina – a simple copper cup and a small glass. While the cup may not look very big, it holds a healthy 500ml wine. And the Greek wine is surprisingly good; very light and refreshing. And unlike South African wine the alcohol is only around 11% or so, not the crazy 14-15% of our red wines. I could get quite used to this wine!

Pistachio nuts

Cds IMG 2608
Aegina is the European home of pistachio nuts. Every shop has them for sale, and if you talk to the owners they will tell you that the nuts are grown on their family trees (excuse the pun). But when you start to wonder around the island you start to realise that it is true. There are pistachio trees grown all over the island, and it is difficult to walk down a street without your feet crunching on nuts that have quite literally fallen on the ground.

And its not just the nuts that you can buy, you can buy pistachio nut bars, pistachio ice-cream, pistachio nuts soaked in honey, raw pistachio nuts, roasted pistachio nuts, with salt, without salt…you get the idea.

And in the restaurants you will almost certainly be given a small bowl to nibble on while waiting for your meal.