Route 66

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When we travelled a little on Route 66, it was exactly as I expected. Small towns, slightly rundown with a somewhat regretful feeling of having been left behind. While the interstate highway system makes it really easy to get around USA, visiting the small towns brings to home how much they have simply been cutoff from the rest of the world. Route 66 is trying very hard to use it’s historic status to bring in visitors and keep money in the local economy, and I was glad to help a little in that.

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When we were in Arizona we took a road trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. One of the towns we drove through was Sedona, which is a truly beautiful yet somewhat bohemian town, full of artists and hippies. B ut the landscape is spectacular. These bright magnificent red rocks shoot into the air from the desert, and they are spectacular to look at.

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We were just driving past, but I would love to spend some time there exploring the trails and mountains in the area, it was such a lovely place. I am sure it will be the perfect place for some trail running (but not in summer; it can get above 40 degrees in the heat of the day).

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