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This band was great. Have a close look at the drum kit. Its made from discarded plastic bottles and buckets. It was a new form of recycling I guess. We spotted them on the outskirts of Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Cds IMG 6329


Cds IMG 3179

This monument remembers the street musicians of Warsaw. Small bands like this one were very popular before World War 2, and today are hardly to be heard. The monument is in the Praga area, across the river from Old Town. Besides the monument, there is not much to see in Praga (at least not that I could find). But it made for a nice loop in one of my Warsaw runs.

If you have a Polish cell phone, you can SMS to 7141 with the text KAPELA and the tune number (from 1 to 100), and the band will play the tune (the track list is on the drum).


By chance we saw this this elaborate ceremony at Prague Castle. While I have called it “The Changing of the Guard”, I am not convinced that it is since it happened around 9:25am, which is completely off-schedule. However it was quite impressive to watch.

Here are a few pics.

Standing at attention
On guard


Followed by the bikes.


I am not sure if these guys are an official paid band or just buskers, but they were there all three times I was in the Prague Castle area. They are really good and sell their CD’s as well. I bet that if you visit the castle they were be there playing their tunes.

Update: here is a photo that my friend Hugh took of them in 2002, seems like they have been there for a while.


Yesterday afternoon Lois and I went to watch Robin Auld playing live in De Waal Park. Robin has been around forever (ok since the 80’s), but he is an integral part of Cape Town musical history. We had not seen him play for ages, so it was a treat. I think we last saw him at the Masque Theatre about 2 or 3 years ago. Anyway he has a few more gigs in Cape Town before he heads back to the UK, so head on down if you can.

De Waal Park has music every two weeks or so, and the best part (aside from an excuse to go and have a picnic on the lawns under the trees) is that the concerts are free. Just arrive and enjoy the afternoon (Arno Carstens is in two weeks).



Cape Town

The Lentil Collective

On Friday evening, Lois and I went to see a band that we have been wanting to watch for a while, The Lentil Collective. They were playing at a small venue in Muizenberg called The Melting Pot. Yes, the Lentles were playing in the pot. Let the jokes begin.

The Lentil Collective

Anyway, they are a rather eclectic band; a mixture of folk and acoustic pop, with a healthy amount of looping and sampling added into the mix. They describe themselves as “folktronica”, which is pretty accurate. But you can decide for yourselves, just go here and download their music (for free). I really enjoyed them, they are just some guys wanting to play some great music and have some fun. Fairly laid-back, fun and original. Really worth listening to.

If you see them playing, head down, you will hear some great music.


Cape Town

Fremont Street contains the world second biggest TV screen, reaching over 450m long over your heads, which shows a short show every hour at night. We saw a Queen show, showing live footage and music videos from Freddy Mercury and Queen. Quite fitting seeing as Freddy would be 65 today. When they do the shows, which are only about 10 minutes long, all of the surrounding lights are turned off.

The street contains the old Vegas signage which is featured in the old Vegas movies, TV series and music videos (think Elvis, James Bond and U2).

I am sure that you recognise this Cowgirl. And yes I know, in Vegas sex is everywhere.

In the past cars drive down Fremont street, but now it has been pedestrianized.

There are three stages, each paying different music, and they are all free, so grab a Margarita and head on down for some live music and entertainment.This was one of the 80’s pop band.

And here is a 80’s rock band (the theme for the month was 80’s). Situated about 5 miles from the main strip, it is just as busy, but far cheaper, even cheaper than a meal in Cape Town.

There are plenty of celebraties there, including stormtoopers and a suite of Disney characters. I doubt that any are official, but they all will swap a photo for some cash.  2-3 hours is probably long enough to take in the street, but a different experience to the main strip and worth a visit!



U2 Live in Cape Town

U2 played in Cape Town last night. Lois, myself and approx 61998 other people went to watch them paying at Cape Town Stadium. This was my first time in the stadium, and it was a fantastic venue. Everything just went smoothly. The queues at the bar were short, seats were easy to find; people were behaving and just having a great party. Of course, U2 put on a great show.

U2 in Cape Town, complete with resizable TV screen

There was a “no professional camera” rule, so I figured that my old Canon 350D with a 50mm lens (my nifty-fifty) didn’t really count as a professional camera, so I managed to get in a few nice shots.

U2 Live in Cape Town

I am not U2’s biggest fan, but they have done some great songs over the years, and their gig was amazing! If you look at the stage, you can see that it is actually a 360 degree stage, going around in a complete circle with the audience all around the stage. The TV screen above the stage was also panoramic.

U2 Live in Cape Town

Although it was (of course) a rock concert, it came with a pretty awesome light show as well; using the strange spider-like covering as a backdrop from some pretty stunning lighting.

U2 Live in Cape Town; suppport act Amadou and Mariam

I don’t know if they are going to your city on this tour; but if they are get some tickets. It will be a great show!

U2 playing beneath the spider

This was my fist time in Cape Town Stadium, and although it does not look that huge from the inside, there were over 62000 people inside, it is massive!

U2 Live in Cape Town, 360 degree TV screen

Cape Town

Dan Patlansky played at Kirstenbosch about two weeks ago. He is only 26, but he plays that Strat like he has been doing it for 50 years. Once of the best blues guitarists I have ever heard.

If you have not heard him play, find out when he is gigging in your area and go see him. It is really worth it.

Cape Town