The sewing room

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This is one of the rooms in the apartment on display at the top of Casa Mila, one of the many buildings build by Gaudi in Barcelona. I love how it gives a small insight into houses of that period (late 1800’s to early 1900’s).

Look at the small stove on the right, used to keep the iron’s warm, and see how there were a few so that when one got cold, you could swap to a new own. And see the manual sewing machine (we have one of those in our front hall).

I find these old apartment fascinating.

Barcelona Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral is a typical gothic cathedral with its tall detailed columns stretching up to the sky, spreading outwards like upside down tree routes to form the vaulted ceiling. When we were in Barcelona I visited the cathedral many times. Partly because it was so awe-inspiring to stand under that roof, and partly because it was about 100m from our apartment. Every hour we heard the bells of the cathedral beat out the time, and after a while it became almost reassuring to hear the bells as I drifted off to sleep after spending an evening wondering around the gothic quarter of Barcelona.

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