Correfoc fire run, Barcelona

This photoshoot cost me a UV filter. I usually don’t shoot with unnecessary filters, but this time I thought prudent, and I am glad that I did. The UV filter is destroyed but my camera and lens is fine.

The Correfoc fire run in Barcelona is a crazy run trough the streets of Barcelona, in which people dress up as devils and demons, letting off fireworks and this massive spinning sparklers in every direction.

Spain has a healthy disregard of safety, so there are no barriers or crowd control at all. It’s up to you how far or close you stand, and up to you to get out of the way; or not as was the case for me.

I soon found myself with devils on the one side, and a healthy gap on the other, with crowds of thousands of people outside the danger-zone (literally there were over 100,000 people watching).

Correfoc fire run

So what the heck, I started shooting, and I think I got some great pics out of it. After all it is not often that you find yourself in the middle of a fireworks festival, and it was something to experience, but beware, you need to wear jeans and a thick (and old) shirt. My shirt ended up with burn holes in it so it got trashed afterwards.

Casa Batlló, Barcelona

Another Gaudi masterpiece, no straight lines, and the support pillars all look like human bones joined together. On the roof there are strange dragon-like creations, with the scales made of mosaic tiles. Casa Batlló was originally built as a house; it must have been a strange place to live.

Casa Batlló

By the way, the local name is Casa dels ossos; literally “House of Bones”. Here are some more photos.

Barcelona Cableway

Torre Jaume I is the midway tower on the Barcelona Cableway. The cableway was built in 1929 and I am convinced that all the original parts are still being used. It is old, rickety and a little scary, but hugely fun in a retro kind of way.

This tower is 107 meter high, and is the midpoint of the cable car. In theory, you can climb out and stand on the observation platform, but our car went straight past. It still gives you a great view of Barcelona and the harbour area, but a one-way trip is probably sufficient.

Torre Jaume I

Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is an astonishing unusual church to visit. On the outside, it is a confusing collection of both modern and old biblical images (pics to follow soon), and on the inside a combination of really old gothic pillars, with modern electrical lighting and modernism finishing all over the place. It reminds me of the old tie-dies shirts from the 60’s, lego blocks and a little world of warcraft throw in for good measure.

It can get a little crowded (and the queues to get in are long), but it is really worth spending the time to visit this Basilica. The architecture is astonishing (and the museum is not bad either).

Sagrada Familia

Here are a few more pictures.

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