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Cape Town HDR

Beach huts on Muizenberg beach

Another misty morning today, and an opportunity to test my new wide-angled lens. These beach huts are found both in Muizenberg, and in St James as well. They are based on the beach huts found all along the Brighton coast. Although they are a reminder of the heyday of Muizenberg in the past,they are still very much in use.

Cape Town

Cds MG 1327
These beach houses remind me very much of the Muizenberg beach houses. Well that should not really be a surprise since the Muizenberg beach houses are based on the ones in Brighton.

However while Muizenberg has about 5 houses, in Brighton there are rows are rows of them, literally hundreds of them in a long ling all the way from the Pier through Hove into the next village.

If you plan on buying a hut you had best start saving; they start at 11,000 pounds!.

By the way, the rules dictate the colours that the houses are painted, but you are free to paint the door whatever colour suits you.

Cds MG 1322

One of the many daily commuters in Brighton cycling past the famous beach huts.