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The ferry ride from Aegina to Athens is just over an hour, and it is a lovely trip on the Aegian sea. Lois and I decided sit on the outside deck so that we could enjoy the warm Greek weather with the cool sea breeze.

I met this friendly Greek gentleman who was feeding the seagulls with some left over bread, and they are so tame (the seagulls that is) that they took the bread straight out of his hands. He was quite happy for me to shoot a few pictures of him (thanks!)

Cds IMG 3080

Cds IMG 3091
…and go!


This bird spent┬áthe entire day knocking on our bedroom window’ I think that he is either trying to beat up or mate with his reflection. My suspicion is that he has spotted a rival and is not very happy about it. Hope he does not tire himself out and takes some time to chill a little.


Cape Town South Africa

I caught this shot of the bird just as he was lauching himself into the air. I don’t know what type of bird he (or she) is, but that long beak looks ideal for finding yummy worms in the ground (that is yummy from the bird’s perspective, not from mine).

Cape Town South Africa

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Brighton Pier can only be described as a little tacky. It has huge potential, but I get the feeling that there is no great effort put into it.

It is filled with ice-cream shops and penny slot machines, as well as a few restaurants that don’t look particularity exciting.

It is the kind of place that you visit and cross off your list of places to go to.

Having said all that, Brighton itself is a wonderful place and well worth visiting, I will be posting some pics of the village shortly.

Cds MG 1248

One of the many seagulls found in Brighton. These are the beach version of a rooster, waking you up really early in the morning,


Cds 179 bird

Today, we had breakfast at the Barnyard in Steenberg. They have a small selection of animals and birds for the children to look at and feed; including ducks, geese, chickens, a few pigs and even a couple of goats. This bright yellow bird was living in the avery.

By the way, the food is good, but the service is about the worst you can get.

Cape Town

Cds 062 birdwitheggs

A bird sitting (ok standing) on her eggs. She had laid the eggs on some grass in the middle of a parking lot, so I hope that they survive.

Cape Town