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Brighton Beach

Cds MG 1145
Yes, it is true. Brighton does not have a real beach. The beach consists purely of round pebbles. Ok so yes the beach is real, just not to a South African.

They have been word down for such a long time, that they are almost soft to walk on. But it is really different to walking on the beaches in Cape Town.

The upside of course is that when then wind blows, you don’t get the Cape Town sandblasting.

Cds MG 1141
Here is a small pier with fishermen on the end (of course not to be confused with Brighton Pier)

Cds MG 1130
Brighton beach is a great place to sit and contemplate the world; these two people were shot in Hove, sitting and watching the sea

The Factory

Cds 153 TheFactory

I am not sure why, but this building freaks me out a little. It is an old factory in Port Elizabeth that has been converted into offices. However, it looks to me like the sort of place that a Stephen King movie might be set. I don’t think I would be entirely happy working there.

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