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Spotted on Palmer Road, Muizenberg. A free book exchange, just don’t take more than you leave. A lovely community initiative I think.

Cape Town

The TroopThe Troop by Nick Cutter – a brilliant horror

I don’t normally do book reviews on this blog, but this book is so good that I am going to make an exception.

It reads like a typical Stephen King Novel (in fact in the afterwards the author freely admits to borrowing the narrative style from Stephen King’s Carrie). It starts normally enough with a few scouts and their scoutmaster spending a few days camping on an island, and it generally goes downhill (at least for the scouts) from there. It is kind of a modern combination of Lord of the Flies, The Beach and a healthy dose of good old fashioned horror. It is hardly a plot-killer to say that death happens in many gruesome ways

I read the entire book in about 2 sittings; it is a fast and easy read and simply impossible to put down. While this book is not by Stephen King, it could easily be a lost early work of his.

If you love horror, read this book, you can pre-order it from Amazon. Warning: not for the faint-hearted.


Here is something interesting that I came across the other day. Oxford Poetry, which was published1915, contains an early poem by JRR Tolkien, and it certainly one of his first published works. Amazing that the book is almost 100 years old.

The Goblin

Oxford Poerty