Cars @ Ink & Iron

On Saturday, I went to the Ink & Iron expo in Plumstead, a celebration of cars, bikes, and tattoos. I am going to split this over four posts, today is the cars, soon to be followed by the bikes, people and ink.

Chevrolet Truck. The funny thing about this truck is that I drove past it about 10 days ago and thought what a great car it would be to shoot, and there it was, so I got my shot after all.

Chevrolet Camaro

An old ford, converted into a Hotrod – I love this car!

Franschhoek Motor Museum

I spent Saturday morning at Franschhoek Motor Museum. This amazing place has a collection of over 200 cars, ranging from the 1800’s right up to some of the fastest cars in the world. They have over 200 cards, but only 80 are in display at any time.

This was a perfect opportunity to take some photos (esp HDR photos), so here are the first few.

In my excitement I did not keep note of what cars they are, so you will just have to enjoy the pics without explanation.

Red convertible.

Same make, same colour and same wheels

In South Africa, we have an informal network of car guards that watch our cars while we are out and about. Often you are intimidated into paying a tip for the service, whether you want it or now, and the level of service is often questionable.

Today I had a refreshing experience. This guard promised me that my car will be”same make, same colour and same wheels” when I got back. And when I got back he assured that my car was still “same make, same colour and same wheels”  as when I left it. Yes, he did live up to his word.

I love living in South Africa.

ps: no I have not downgraded my bakki (pick up) for a Tazz.

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