Roman Church

Church in Rome

I love the old buildings in Europe, especially the Churches with such care put into the lovely architecture.

I don’t know which church this it (if you know please let me know), but it is somewhere on the bus route between the station and Vatican City in Rome (no it is not the Basilica). I particularity love the marble-like clouds framing the dome of the church.

Update: Thanks to Cristina for telling me about the church, it is the Santa Maria di Loreto, built in the 16th century.

Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore

Cds MG 1867
This beautiful Church is not St Mark’s Basilica, it is in fact the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore, directly opposite St Mark’s Basilica in Venice. Taken from St Mark’s Square.

It is a Benedictine church, dating back to 1566 (the site has had a church from approximately 900AD).

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