Cloudy day


Yesterday it felt like somebody had dropped a giant ball of cotton-wool onto Cape Town. It was cloudy in every direction that you looked, certainly making the world feel like a smaller place.

Today on the other hand is a beautiful day, perhaps we will have a braai later this evening.

False Bay and Hottentots-Holland mountain

This shot was taken from the beach along Baden Powell Drive, just about where it crosses Weltevreden Road. I like the way the clouds fall over the Hottentots-Holland mountains with Hanklip just escaping the clouds.  It was a lovely (yet windy-again) morning, but the clouds brought very heavy rain with them.

This beach is a hidden gem, it is clear, smooth and very clean. A lovely spot to stop, relax and enjoy the solitude before continuing on my journey to work.

We will be at Pringle Bay tomorrow, which is just on the point of the mountain on the right, so look out for a similar shot from the otherside in the next few days.