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A chocolate skull found in a remarkable shop in the lanes in Brighton. They specialise in morbid and gothic chocolates and cakes.

It is rather bizarre, but the artwork is absolutely amazing. I forget the exact figues, but the cake costs something like 200 pounds, but it feeds about 100 people.

The shop is called choccywoccydoodah, and their website is www.choccywoccydoodah.com.

Cds MG 1220
I think that their other shops do regular chocolates, but not this branch.

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I just couldn’t resist taking this picture of my dessert. Strawberry cheesecake served in a martini glass. It was really yummy!

If you want some, you will have to visit the Port Elizabeth Golf Club, where I attend the Algoa Toastmasters 50th birthday celebration function.

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I have been working in Durbanville for a couple of months now, and I am still trying to figure out the good spots to go for lunch. Today I found one more great spot, courtesy two friends who live in the area that treated me for sushi for lunch.

We went to a little spot called Maz Sushi. My hosts have been there several times, the restaurant seem to attract many regulars, which is always a good sign.

The restaurant is a very simple and functional spot (perspex table covers and paper napkins). However they have a good (and cheap) wine selection, including some really great wines. We shared a bottle of Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc, which cost about R90.

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The sushi is great and really good value for money. Everything is made to order, and there is a huge selection. They also have a variety of platters, from a simple 4 item platter, through to huge platters (50+ pieces). I enjoy the platters because you always get a good selection. Oh, and they also cater for functions and take out :-)

Did I enjoy the food? Absolutely.

Will I be back? Without a doubt! Great food, well worth the visit.

Maz Sushi, 112 Edward road, Durbanville (cnr Durban and Edward road), 021 910 1102
Tuna and salmon sashimi and rolls

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Onions for sale on the side of the road. R25 for the onions is about $3, cheap even for local prices!

Cape Town

Don’t forget that tomorrow is National Braai Day, the most important public holiday on our calendar. It doesn’t matter what you braa, but you have to braai something!

You can do some seared tuna
seared tuna

or some wors

How about smoked chicken on the Weber?
smoked chicken

Don’t forget the garlic bread
garlic bread

And if you need any help, here is a step by step guide.

Cape Town Food and Drink News

Rory Braai Dec 2008 065The braai is probably one of South Africa’s most traditional meals. It is practised by all cultures in South Africa, and as often as possible! Probably the only thing that will prevent a South African from having a braai is a rugby game, in which case they will probably simply braai before or after the game!

If you drive through any suburb in South Africa on a summer weekend, you will smell the delicious smell of grilling meat.

Braaing is a very casual and social affair, but there it is taken quite seriously by the cook. You simply NEVER interfere with somebody else’s braai without asking them very politely first (even if the meat is burning!)

So, what exactly is a braai?

Very simple really, it is a South African BBQ. However, it is almost always cooked on wood or charcoal – very seldom on gas. A braai will typically consist of one or more of the following:

  • lamb cutlets (chops)
  • sausage (boere wors – literally farm sausage made from beef)
  • traditional pork sausages
  • beef steak
  • chicken pieces or kebabs
  • beef or pork ribs

Let’s get going

You will need a braai (in which to make the fire). Many public picnic sites have brick braai’s available, or a Weber will do. You will also need wood or charcoal – we often buy “brikettes”, which are small round compressed pieces of charcoal.

Blitz, which is a paraffin-based firelighter, helps to get the fire going, but if you are a boy scout, matches and an axe will do!

Rory Braai Dec 2008 041

Put a few pieces of the blitz (firelighter) onto the grid
Rory Braai Dec 2008 042

Light the blitz. and give the coals a few minutes to start burning. Note that with the braai, you will always use “direct heat”.
Rory Braai Dec 2008 043

Lighting the wood fire
Rory Braai Dec 2008 049

Some nice coals starting to burn – it should take about 40 minutes to get good coals.
Rory Braai Dec 2008 053

While waiting for the wood to burn, cook some garlic bread on the fire.
Rory Braai Dec 2008 054

Garlic bread ready to eat – yummy!
Rory Braai Dec 2008 057

From top to bottomĀ – wors (beef sausage), chicken, and chicken kebabs in the front. You can also see some ostrich kebabs at the top on the far right.
Rory Braai Dec 2008 055

Braaing is thirsty work – you will need plenty of liquid refreshments
Rory Braai Dec 2008 060

When you can hold your hand above the grid for three seconds, you are ready to cook. Put the meat onto the grid, turning every few minutes or so.
Rory Braai Dec 2008 062

Looking good – almost ready to eat.
Rory Braai Dec 2008 065

After about two beers (40 minutes or so), you are ready to eat, so dig in!
Rory Braai Dec 2008 066

Ready to eat – looks great, doesn’t it?
Rory Braai Dec 2008 070

After a good braai, the plates will be empty!
Rory Braai Dec 2008 072

One more think, we often have “bring and braai’s”, in which the host supplies the fire, rolls and salads, and the guests all bring their own meat and drinks. Simple and easy.

Cape Town Food and Drink

One of the great things about summer in Cape Town, is the ample supply of fresh yellow-fin tuna.

Seared tuna

There is nothing that can beat freshly seared tuna, cooked on hot coals. It is a gloriously warm summer evening, so I decided to cook fresh tuna on my father’s old gas grille. You need to heat the grill at least 1/2 hour before cooking, and cook the tuna for about a minute MAX each side, but it is magic, tender and melting in the month. Just look at how it turned out.

The grill entered our family in the early 80’s, so it has been in the family for over 30 years. My father gave it to me in a weak moment a few years ago, and has been asking for it back ever since.

It still cooks the best beef steaks in Africa, and as you can see, the best tuna as well.

Cape Town Food and Drink

Cds 2008 08 07 01 05 16 Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

I just had to share this picture of our supper last night – boiled artichoke with Ranch dressing.


  • artichokes
  • Ranch Dressing


  • boil artichokes for an hour
  • drain artichokes
  • smother in dressing
  • refrigerate if you like
  • eat

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