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This is one of the rooms in the apartment on display at the top of Casa Mila, one of the many buildings build by Gaudi in Barcelona. I love how it gives a small insight into houses of that period (late 1800’s to early 1900’s).

Look at the small stove on the right, used to keep the iron’s warm, and see how there were a few so that when one got cold, you could swap to a new own. And see the manual sewing machine (we have one of those in our front hall).

I find these old apartment fascinating.


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I saw this strange building on the main road into Zakopane, and it really interested me. It looks exactly what Guidi would have built if he was an artist in Zakopane instead of in Barcelona. I love the way the two architectural styles are so seamlessly blended in this building.

If you want to find out more about the house (and are willing to read Polish or at least use Google translate), here is an interesting interview.

By the way, they say that the best camera is the one in your hand. I shot this with my phone and the processed it in Photomatix afterwards.

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Casa Mila, Barcelona

An old period bathroom in Casa Mila, Barcelona.


Some of the strange statues that live on the rooftop of Casa Mila in Barcelona, yet another Gaudi masterpiece.

Casa Mila


Another Gaudi masterpiece, no straight lines, and the support pillars all look like human bones joined together. On the roof there are strange dragon-like creations, with the scales made of mosaic tiles. Casa Batlló was originally built as a house; it must have been a strange place to live.

Casa Batlló

By the way, the local name is Casa dels ossos; literally “House of Bones”. Here are some more photos.

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