The streets of Gorlitz

Gorlitz has such lovely old streets that are wonderful to explore. I spent hours just walking through the old cobbled streets, looking at the old buildings, town squares and beautiful churches.

Cds IMG 6239

The old round gunpowder tower “The Fat Tower” on one of the many town squares,

Cds IMG 6245

A hidden courtyard containing some lovely restaurants and buildings

Cds IMG 6244

Lower Market Square with the Town Hall Tower on the left.


Last night, I had a meeting at the German Club in Cape Town, and I am wondering if they should rename it to the German and Thai club. There is a tuk-tuk parked outside, and the menu is a mixture of traditional German food (mostly pork), and Thai stir-fries. I had a Thai beef & chilli noodle dish, and it was excellent.

I met the chef who is (of course) Thai! Anyway, the food is not too expensive, and is pretty good, so pop around if you have some time. They are in Roodehek Terrace, Gardens (off Hope Street).

I only drink Champagne…

I only drink Champagne when I’m happy
or when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it
when I’m alone. When I have company
I consider it obligatory. I triffle with it
when I’m not hungry and drink it when I am.
Otherwise I never touch it…unless I’m
thirsty. In victory you deserve it & in
defeat you need it! Lilly Bollinger

I spotted this on a wall in one of the bars in the German Club in Cape Town (The old Tafelberg Tavern). The club has just been bought by new owners, and some refurbishment is imminent, so this graffiti will most likely be painted over any day now. The side walls are covered in comments for the various patrons, and this particular poem took my fancy.

The quote is actually from Lilly Bollinger (as in the Bollinger Champagne family), but thanks to Shella for puting it up on the wall.

Here is another section of the wall. Don’t you love the car?

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