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There is a new distillery in Town. Deep South Distillery opened its doors to the public mid-December, so of course we had to pop over for a visit. They have a small but well-equipped operation, you can have a short tour of the production area where you can see the pot and column stills, and then a generous gin-tasting in the bar area (if you ask nicely you might even be able to taste some rum).

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We sampled both their clear and pink gin; both are very different and both are very well made. You get both the tour and tasting for R60. Don’t go when you’re in a rush, because it is a leisurely tasting which includes experimenting with different additions to the gin’s to see how the flavour is affected (eg lemon peal, orange, thyme etc).

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Of course we came home with a bottle of both the pink and clear gin, and have been enjoying some wonderful experimentation with some fantastic gin’s in the evenings. Make some time and pop down to the Deep South in Kommetjie. You can find them here on Facebook, and their phone number is 021 783 0129.

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Absinthe from Jorgensen Distillery in Wellington

Absinthe from Jorgensen Distillery in Wellington

On Saturday we spent a wonderful afternoon with Dawn and Roger Jorgensen, owners of the wonderful Jorgensen Distillery in Wellington. They have a remarkable selection of spirits that are distilled on their farm, with almost all ingredients organic, and many of them grown on their own farm.

They are both wonderful people, and it amazing to spend time with such people so passionate about their art (and after the afternoon, I am convinced that it is indeed an art, even sometimes bordering on alchemy). We tasted some of their 67% proof absinthe served traditionally over sugar and a slotted spoon. After that taste, I am hooked. It is a remarkable drink that defies description, suffice to say it is a life-changing taste. A little like French Pasties mixed with the herbal flavours of Jagermeister, although that is bar far not a fair description.

Absinthe from Jorgensen Distillery in Wellington

Absinthe from Jorgensen Distillery in Wellington

Absinthe is not the only drink they make, the also have a yummy gin, vodka, limoncello, and a very interesting bay liqueur (and plenty of others as well). Lois loved their chilli vodka, but that is only for really serious chilli eaters (and for me to say that is something). But after all, Lois is the chilli queen.

Jorgensen Gin

Gin from Jorgensen Distillery in Wellington

Needless to say, we left the distillery a little heavier, with the sound of glass bottles clinking on the back seat of our car.

The bad news is this is specialist stuff, it is not in every bottle store. The good news is that some specialise shops sell their spirits, and you can buy online from their website, so no excuse not to buy and try for yourself.

Now, where did I put the sugar cubes?

Cape Town

Even though it is cold and wet, there is nothing quite like a gin and tonic with a splash of lime to end off the day. The cool liquid, the sharpness of the lime, and the hint of bitterness in the gin. Just the way to relax after a day at work.


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