People walking on the harbour wall at Kaly Bay Harbour

Cds MG 0100

People walking along the harbour wall in Kalk Bay. In the front of them you can see the lights of the Harbour Hourse restaurant complex. You can also just make out Fish Hoek beach on the top left.

I was going to the Harbour House for dinner, but I went there a little earlier with my camera, so I also managed to get this shot of one of the fishing boats. You can see Kalk Bay main road in the background, with Cape to Cuba (a great restaurant) just behind the harbour.

Cds MG 0083

Dockyard cranes at sunset

Cds MG 9997

I caught this shop driving onto the M5 on the new the Koeberg Interchange flyover. I was crawling rather than flying, so I had the opportunity to catch this shot. The cranes are used to load and offload containers in the container terminal of Cape Town Harbour.

Cds IMG 9509These are the same cranes that I caught in this shot from the helicopter a few weeks ago.

Simons Town Harbour

Simonstown is a little village in Cape Town, It also has the honour of being home to the South African navy. Just look at the vista.

Cds IMG 9448

In the front, the naval dockyard, with the yacht basin on the left. The shop moored right in the middle is a retired cable-restoring vessel HMS Bullfrog, which is where I had my wedding reception!

Cds IMG 9445

On of the four Frigates belonging to the South African Navy seeing leaving Simons Town in the early morning.

Simons Town is the home base in Cape Town for the South African Navy.

Cape Town Harbour

Some photos of Cape Town harbour with the central business district in the background.

Cds IMG 9517

The Amber Lagoon, registered in Majuro, fully laden with cargo being pulled out of (or possibly into) the Cape Town harbour.

Cds IMG 6546
The Cape Town City Bowl (downtown). On the right you can see the working harbour, with the V&A Waterfront in the distance. Back left is Lions Head and Signal Hill, with the central business district on the left.

Cds IMG 9516
A drilling platform receiving maintenance in Cape Town harbour.

Cds IMG 9509
Cranes in the container terminal of Cape Town harbour. I love the toy-town feeling in the picture. However, these are real working cranes, and if you look closely you can see a few cars and trucks, giving a sense of perspective of the size of these cranes.

This is truly the most beautiful city in the world.

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