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We seem to have so many yummy chilli’s for sale at the moment. From fiery hot Habenero’s, to the unpredictable jalapeno’s, to these mysterious long and yellow chillies. I have often seen long red and green chilli’s, but these yellow folk are new to me.

When I started enjoying hot food in the 80’s, I struggled to get any chilli’s, and now there is so much choice available. It is simply amazing. You seldom find a meal in my house that doesn’t include fresh or dried chilli’s, and (just in case) there is always plenty of chilli sauce on the table!

Habanero chillis

The best part is that while I eat hot chilli, my wife eats chilli much hotter that I do, so I never have to worry about making it too hot for her. The round  and yellow chillies above are Habanero chillies, which are about as hot as you can commercially buy. Just about right for Lois.


Cape Town

I have always known spring onions to be basically baby onions that have not really grown fully. Well, check these out. I received them in my weekly delivery from Ganics, a company that deliver the most amazing organic fruit and vegetables.

Not only are they bigger than regular onions, they are “habanero onions”. They are the most frighteningly hot onions that I have ever eaten. Scary, but yummy!

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