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JFK is closed, and over 2,000,000 people have been evacuated. While we are going to have stormy weather and lots of rain in Wilmington today, we should still be ok. Besides being overcast and humid, there is not much to report.

However the footage of the coast is much more severe; there is heavy rain, storm damage and flooding.

By the way, if you look carefully in the photo, you can see a deer feeding.



It is such an amazing day today, the sky is clear, the sun is out, and the weather is wonderful. It is difficult to believe that Hurricane Irene is on her way (she has already hit the East Coast), and will hit Wilmington tomorrow evening, and New York shortly after.

We should  not have major problems here in Wilmington, but we are still stocking up with bottled water and preparing for power outages. Virginia is in a state of emergency, and Delaware on a warning level. Several areas have mandatory evacuations, but we are fine here and should not need to worry. Mandatory evaculations in New York for the first time ever.

The good news is that this has extended my holiday by two days since I will not be able to fly out of JFK on Sunday.