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Cds 126 langebaan

The Langebaan lagoon in the late afternoon. The poles are actually there to separate the public boat launch area from the bathing areas of the beach.

Even though it is on the West Coast, the lagoon stills has very warm water.

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Langebaan Panorama

This is another panoramic shot that I took when I was at Langebaan a couple of weeks ago. It is very seldom that the water is so calm and glass-like, it is normally full of that white horses whipped up by the South-Easter wind. It was amazing to enjoy the beautiful (yet cold) weather. It was actually perfectly calm for water-skiing, but it is a long time since I have done that, and the water would be far too cold. Click on the shot to see more detail of this wonderful place.

Some completely useless information is that Langebaan Lagoon is one of the few in the world to be made by the tides moving in and out; there is no river feeding it. It consists completely of salt water.


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Yesterday I posted a photo of Langebaan lagoon on a really calm morning. Although it was freezing cold, the still weather continued throughout the day, and we did not have any wind at all. We were also blessed with a glorious sunset, so I grabbed my camera (this time the SLR), and rushed down to the water’s edge to grab a shot or two.

Here are some of the results.

Boats on Langebaan lagoon at sunset

Boat on the lagoon at sunset

Long exposure of Langebaan Lagoon

Long exposure of Langebaan Lagoon

Long exposure of Langebaan Lagoon

Golden light; another long exposure of Langebaan Lagoon

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Langebaan lagoon

I was at Langebaan for the weekend, and I took my point and shoot with me on an early morning run (more proof a great shot does not always need the top camera). Anyway, the water in the lagoon looked so calm and peaceful. I think I captured the atmosphere in this shot. This is in contrast to the howling South-Easter that normally blasts through everything at Langebaan.

I really like this shot; What do you think? By the way this is a large panorama, so click on the photo to zoom in.

Cape Town

Langebaan is a former fishing village on the West Coast of South Africa about 100km North of Cape Town. Over the last several years, it has grown into a bustling holiday village, with an influxof visitors arriving on the weekends, all going to enjoy the wonderful lagoon.

Even though it is busy, you can still find some quiet places to comtempate and enjoy the world. This fishing boat was shot about 300m in a little bay just in front of our family house, where we spent a wonderful weekend.

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