Lake Malawi

These photos are from a long time ago. I was in Malawi in 2008 to run a training course and I managed to get a day to go North to visit the lake. It is a truly beautiful lake to visit, almost completely untouched and completely clean. But it was very hot – especially standing at the side of the lake with the heat reflecting off the sand.

Lake Malawi

It looks like the perfect place in the evening when it cools down a little, and to enjoy an ice-cold beer while watching the sunset…although I think that the mozzies just might be a bit of a problem, and it is a Malaria area, so maybe it was best to keep my visit to the day.

Lake Malawi

Lakeside from the sky

Cds IMG 6542

Lakeside from above. Zandvlei in the front, with the Muizenberg mountains in the distance.

Cds IMG 6540

From the bottom right, you can see a little of Muizenberg beach, and the exit of the vlei in to the sea.
Towards the back, you can see Marina da Gama on the right, and Zandvlei (the lake) in the middle, with the little village of Zandvlei (where I live) on the left. The Muizenberg village is bottom left.

Cds IMG 6544

And finally, Marina da Gama.