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I happened to see these ducklings on the vlei as I was driving past. As I grabbed my camera, they hopped into the water and swam off with mom (or dad) in tow.

Cape Town South Africa

This early morning winter sunrise was taken early this morning with my new Canon 10-22mm wide-angle lens. I don’t know why it is not raining, but I am enjoying the unexpected sunshine.

Cape Town

Even though today is election day and a public holiday, the city council are still working, and our garbage is being collected. I forgot to leave my bin outside last night, so this morning when I heard the truck at the bottom of the road I had to rush out of bed and leave my bin outside.

This is a good thing because I saw this wonderful sunrise. So of course I rushed back in, grabbed my camera and tripod and snapped this shot (7 shots merged in photoshop). I think that it came out really well. There are absolutely no tonal adjustments to the colour, this is literally how it came out.

Cape Town South Africa

For the last few mornings and evenings, we have been having a rather strange hot and muggy coastal mist, which means that I never seem to see my house in sunlight. Of course the weather at my work in Durbanville is wonderfully sunny. How strange.

This shot is of the pedestrian footbridge crossing Zandvlei on the Muizenberg side of the vlei, a shortcut to the railway station and main business areas.

Cape Town South Africa

I love this shot; the father on the large windsurfer was surfing next to his son who was on on the smaller board. He was giving advice to his son from across the water. Judging on how the son was doing, he is not going to need advise for much longer. He is already far better that I ever was.

Cape Town South Africa

Cds IMG 6542

Lakeside from above. Zandvlei in the front, with the Muizenberg mountains in the distance.

Cds IMG 6540

From the bottom right, you can see a little of Muizenberg beach, and the exit of the vlei in to the sea.
Towards the back, you can see Marina da Gama on the right, and Zandvlei (the lake) in the middle, with the little village of Zandvlei (where I live) on the left. The Muizenberg village is bottom left.

Cds IMG 6544

And finally, Marina da Gama.

Cape Town South Africa

Cds 150 WynandRoad

This HDR shot is of Wynand Road (my road) in Lakeside, Cape Town just after some evening rain.

A few people have asked me how I took this pic, so here you are.

Cape Town HDR

Cds 082 canoe

Somebody paddeling on Zandvlei early in the morning on a very still day. The temperature ended up peaking at about 38 deg C (about 100 deg F).

Cape Town