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I love this decorative street poles in Paris, This one was crossing the river by Île de la Cité.


Christmas Lights

Bokea created with the Christmas lights on my ree, Happy Christmas everybody

Cape Town

…Las vegas. All flights and hotels are booked, passports are up to date and conference booked. So next month we are on our way!

Here is a small teaser from our previous trip.

Looking down the strip. On the left is the “Brooklyn Bridge”, and Paris and the Eiffel Tower on the right. The next shot is from the top of the tower.

Looking down the strip from the top of “the Eiffel Tower”. On the right is New York New York, with Excalubur and the Luxor in the behind it, and Mandalay Bay (the gold building) behind it.

Live music on the strip.

The Strip at night; Madame Tussauds on the left and the Venetian on the right, complete with the Rialto Bridge and St Marks Square.

This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart.

Cape Town Travel

Cds newlandslights 2

These are the lights at Newlands Cricket Stadium; there are a total of four sets of lights, which are used for the night games.

Cape Town HDR