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When I was doing a photoshoot at the Cape Town Magic Club a few weeks ago, I met Greg Gelb, a “deception artist” who does amazing sleight of hand magic tricks. We got talking, and he he ended up booking me for a photoshoot.

Not only did I get paid to do a really fun photoshoot, I also got a free magic show thrown it. Greg does some amazing stuff! If you’re looking for a magician for your function, give Greg a call (and no this is not a paid post – Greg is really very good).

He performs at The Thirsty Scarecrow in Stellenbosch every second Sunday from 1-4pm (I’ll be there on Sun 3rd), so if you want to check his magic out and have an entertaining afternoon, pop on down.

Here are two more pics from the shoot.

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Remember the Rubik’s Cube

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I’m not sure if I would play a game of Poker with Greg

Cape Town

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Magic Man

On Monday evening Lois and I went to visit the Cape Town Magic Club. The club is hosted in the cellar of the Cape Town Club, down a flight of stairs through a door discussed as a bookcase, and down into a tiny theatre in the cellar.

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MC – Marcel Oudejan

The club only put’s on two shows per week – every Monday at 7pm and 9pm, and different magicians on on stage each week, and the shows are top-class. On Monday, our MC for the evening was my good friend Marcel OudejansJesse Brooks did a great job warming us up, and the headline act was some great illusions performed by Andrew “Magic Man” Eland.

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Jesse Brooks

There are only 2 evenings left this season and very few tickets left (really – it is almost sold out!), so hurry up and book your tickets, otherwise you will need to wait for season 2 later in the year.

Cape Town

Marcel Oudejans enthralled us with a live magic show at the Playhouse Theatre in Somerest West last night. While Marcel is well known in the corporate circuit, this is the first time I have seem him doing a stage show, and it is the first magic show that I have seen in years.

The show was great. While some of the tricks are just good old magic fun, some of them still have me wondering (so just how did he manage to guess that girls age, and how did he bend a fork that was inside a sealed bag that he was not even holding?). If you seem him doing a show again, go along and see it, it is a lot of fun. (Or just hire him for your corporate gig).

By the way, he is speaking at Peninsula Toastmasters club on 30 June, so maybe you want to come along then?


Cape Town