A grave matter

I am fascinated with graveyards, and I love walking through them. They have a sense of quite and calmness. They are places where you can pause and remember that whatever your worries, they are probably not that important when put into perspective.

So today when I drove past the Muizenberg Cemetery on a misty morning, I had to stop for a few minutes to walk through the graveyard and look at the graves. Interesting that even though once you are going there is no coming back, there is still clearly a distinction between the expensive and inexpensive graves.

A ‘shroom, or a ‘stool?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly mushrooms grow? Or is this a toadstool? I have no idea. This is why I always buy my mushrooms at Woolies, because at least then I know I can eet them?

I caught this one at my parent’s house on Sunday just as a think mist was lifting. I love the little water drops on the end of the blades of grass. And amazingly even though there were 25 people there for a birthday, nobody stepped on the mushroom. Perhaps they were scared of the faerie folk?

Misty Muizenberg

For the last few mornings and evenings, we have been having a rather strange hot and muggy coastal mist, which means that I never seem to see my house in sunlight. Of course the weather at my work in Durbanville is wonderfully sunny. How strange.

This shot is of the pedestrian footbridge crossing Zandvlei on the Muizenberg side of the vlei, a shortcut to the railway station and main business areas.

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