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Yes I know it is a cliche to shoot the so-called super moon. And Yes I know that the 14% bigger that it appears to be is almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. But I had a free evening, and the sky was clear and beautiful, so what not? These two pictures were shot on November 14 from Silvermine Nature Reserve, on one of the trails just past the parking lot. Hope you like them!

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Park Bench in the moonlight

We have had some massive summer mountain fire in Cape Town over the past few days, resulting in a lot of dust in the air. There is very little nice about the damage and smoky air, a small side effect is the amazing moonrises you get as the moon shines through the smog in the air.

Parkbench in the moonlightI took this shot late last night with a long exposure to really get the colour of the red in the sky reflecting in the moonlight.

Silver moon

Silver moon

An (almost full) moon, caught just above the Muizenberg Mountains this morning. The moon was full on Monday, so was still pretty large this morning. If you look really closely, you can see the shapes where the moon-mice have been eating from the big block of cheese.

This was the view out of my bedroom window this morning :-)

PS: no cheating in Photoshop involved. That is exactly where the moon was.

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