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The Muizenberg mountain with one of the small rivers in the foreground, shot from somewhere in Kirstenhof on a morning run.

Running South Africa

Good morning. There was the most beautiful sunrise this morning, with the sunbeams shining down through the clouds into the mist, with the distant mountain peaks in the distance.


Cape Town

Silver moon

An (almost full) moon, caught just above the Muizenberg Mountains this morning. The moon was full on Monday, so was still pretty large this morning. If you look really closely, you can see the shapes where the moon-mice have been eating from the big block of cheese.

This was the view out of my bedroom window this morning :-)

PS: no cheating in Photoshop involved. That is exactly where the moon was.

Cape Town South Africa

The winter rain has arrived today, but it was not here on Tuesday. I caught this shot while driving home to Muizenberg. The mountains in the distance are the Hottentots-Holland mountains, and if you look carefully, you can see the hotels of the Strand on the edge of the water across the bay. This is one of the most peaceful and clean beaches in the world (at least I think so).

Cape Town

Cds MG 0475

Just look at that beach, you really cannot compare with it.

Cape Town