Dog walking on Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg beach is a favourite spot for morning dog walking. We often take our dogs for a walk on the beach on the weekends, and they love the space, the freedom and of course socializing with all the other dogs. Mostly all the dogs want to do is run around and have fun; I have seldom seen a scuffle between any dogs.

Of course you don’t need to have a dog to enjoy the beach :-)

Muizenberg beach is one of the reasons that I love living in Lakeside; It truly is magnificent.

Cape Town from Pringle Bay

Cds MG 2367
In a recent post I promised to show you a photo of Cape Town from the “other side” of False Bay. Well, here is a view of the False Bay coast of Cape Town, taken from Pringle Bay, looking a Simonstown on the left, heading past Muizenberg and towards Cape Town itself on the right.

Pringle Bay is a wonderful area, amazingly under-developed, with the most beautiful beach. We spend Saturday and Sunday there, and it was such a relaxing break, much needed to charge the batteries before the Christmas chaos about to come.

Cds MG 2245 Edit 2

We took Eccles and Emily with us, and they both (literally) had a whale of a time.

Cds MG 2234

Surfing Guinnes world record attempt

Cds MG 1049

Today was the (by now annual) attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most surfers riding on the same wave. The record of 110 surfers was set at the same spot (the famous Surfers Corner at Muizenberg Beach) almost a year ago.

Cds MG 1012

Since I live so close to the beach, I had to pop around and see how they were doing. Over 150 surfers waiting in line in an attempt to get over 110 people surfing at the same time.

Cds MG 1001

So did they manage to break the record? Although over 90 surfers rode a single wave, the previous record was not beaten. Perhaps next year.

Birds landing

Cds MG 0177There is a tiny lagoon on the beach, just opposite the landfill on Baden Powell drive which I often drive past. In the morning it is covered in Seagulls and small birds enjoying the shallow waters.

Today I stopped to take a pic of them, and I gaught this show of the two birds fighting (or possibly mating). I really don’t know Seagulls too well, but they constantly literally flying into each other and almost chasing each other away.

It was an interesting site, and I think it makes quite a nice photo.

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