Mushrooms, anybody?

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When walking through the forest I saw these mushrooms growing happily on an old and decaying tree trunk. I know that you can gather mushrooms in the forest (my inlaws in Poland and their neighbours do it all the time), but my knowledge is dangerous. Actually my knowledge is not even dangerous. It is nonexistent. I know nothing about what mushrooms are safe to eat, so I though it best to just look, take a photograph and leave my breakfast until I got back to the house.

Mushrooms in Delaware

Mushroom patch

I took these pictures ages ago on my phone while going for a walk last August in Delaware. And then I forgot completely about them.

Anyway, this patch of monster mushrooms were growing on somebody’s front lawn, and all I can think of is how good they would taste lightly fried with olive oil and fresh garlic. That is of course assuming they don’t kill me in the process! I have no idea what mushrooms you can or cannot eat, so then only mushrooms that I eat come wrapped straight from the shelves of the supermarket.

Mushroom patch

I took these shots about 2 days before Hurricane Irene, so I hope the little folk living underneath them survived the storm!

Dripping Mushroom

A dripping mushroom is a strange thing. I have no idea how it happened, but as the mushroom grew it literally dripped onto the ground and onto the mushroom next to it. It was a cold, wet and misty morning, and I suspect that the weight of the dew on the mushroom growing caused this to happen

Still rather strange.

A ‘shroom, or a ‘stool?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly mushrooms grow? Or is this a toadstool? I have no idea. This is why I always buy my mushrooms at Woolies, because at least then I know I can eet them?

I caught this one at my parent’s house on Sunday just as a think mist was lifting. I love the little water drops on the end of the blades of grass. And amazingly even though there were 25 people there for a birthday, nobody stepped on the mushroom. Perhaps they were scared of the faerie folk?

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