new year

Happy New Year

For my Jewish friends have a wonderful new year (I wish I got 3 days to celebrate new year), I hope you have a wonderful new year. For the rest of us, just enjoy the rest of the weekend.

I took these pictures in the Jewish Quarter in Krakow, Poland. There is a lot of Jewish history and culture in Krakow which I will discuss further in another post.

Cds IMG 2061
Jewish Quarter in Krakow

Cds IMG 2059 Edit 2
Synagogue in Krakow

Happy New Year

“They” say that you should do something new every day. Well, I saw 2010 in by doing something that I have never done before – opening a bottle of bubbly with a knife – Sabrage!

After Malcolm showed me how it was remarkably easy. I think that next time I should use a sword.

Craig doing Sabrage

Craig doing Sabrage

It was remarkably easy to do.

And there the cork goes...

And there the cork goes...

Have a fantastic 2010!

Happy New Year!

A toast to new year!

Have a fantastic new year. I hope that you had a good break over the holidays, and are ready for the next year. I cannot believe that 2008 is almost over, and they in just a few hours it will be 2009.

What is even more scary is that in just a few hours, South Africa will be the 2010 football world cup in less than 600 days! There is still loads of preperation and building to complete, but I am sure that we be ready!

So, what have been my hilights over the past year?

There are a few low-lights, but this is about celebrating the good things, so here’s to 2009!

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