Las Vegas at night

Vegas never sleeps! You can walk onto the strip any time of day or night, and there are people walking around, street performers and traffic.

This street performer is one of the best acrobats I have ever seen. I can only assume that he used to work for one of the Circ de Soleil shows, because he was astonishing. I could not believe the positions that he put himself into.

The strip at about 10pm on a Sunday night, note the bumper to bumper traffic. I also love the hotel on the top right; it reminds me of the matrix.

This hot air balloon is outside the Paris hotel, one of the Vegas landmarks.

These retro signs are found outside many of the casino’s. It really reminds me of the old James Bond movies.

Finally, the entrance to Bally’s Hotel. The red lighting continuously merges into different colours, so you can probably shoot whatever colour you want if you have patience.

Side canal in Venice

Side canel in Venice – this is one from the archives. I just found this photo from a recent trip to Venice, and it had somehow avoided being posted in the past. I think that it is worth sharing, so please enjoy.

Royal Cape Yacht Club

A few days ago we celebrated Lois’ birthday at the Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town. The Yacht Club, which is over 100 years ago, is home to some of the most expensive yachts in South Africa. It is also the starting point of the Cape to Rio yacht race, which is in January next year. The race covers a distance of 3320 miles, races from Cape Town to Rio de Janerio every three years or so.

It is a wonderful venue to spend an evening; both the food and drinks are served at regular club prices, which is far less than most restaurants.

This picture was taken from the marina during a moment of solitude at the party.

Restaurants in the lanes, Brighton

Cds MG 1288

The lanes in Brighton are a wonderful set of pedestrian roads and alleys filled with little restaurants and shops. It is a complete maze, and very easy to get completely disorientated and lost in them.

Cds MG 1352However getting lost is part of the experience, you will simply another interesting little shop.

The shops used to be the fishermen’s cottages, and they still retain a lot of their character.

Cds MG 1348

There is also daily ghost walk, where you learn about the murders, lovers, ghosts and haunting in and around the lanes. It is a little cheesy, but for 5 pounds it is a fun 90 minutes.

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