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Cds 053 Swings

Children’s swings made from old car tires. You see these swings all over the city. When I was younger I used to play on the swings in the park near my house almost everyday. And now I see children playing on the swings in the park near my house everyday.

Cape Town

A lovely old bicycle that I saw the other day. I doubt that it is going to go anywhere soon, but I wonder where it has been?

Old Bicycle

South Africa Travel

This strange urban art that has appeared in one of the canals in Cape Town, apparently it is to raise awareness of the pollution in the water.

Death on a boat

The Chris de Burgh lyrics “Don’t pay the ferryman..” comes to mind.

Death on a boat

Cape Town News

The best soap shop in the World is finally in Cape Town, of course that is Lush (in the V&A Waterfront). We have been to their stores in at least five countries, and every time we are loaded with soaps, but finally we can just go down the road to get their soaps.

They are very eco-aware; their soaps are vegetarian, not tested on animals, green, they support charities etc. It really is a great shop to support. Lois is really happy that they are in Cape Town. It is really worth a visit, and the soaps will make great Christmas presents.

Here is a preview of the shop.


Here are the rest of the photos.

Cape Town

I think that everybody in Cape Town has taken a shot of the Coke Man, and here is my contribution. He was born during the 2010 Soccer world cup, and has been here ever since. His name is Elliot, and he is made from over 2500 coke creates. I can’t tell you much more about him, aside to mention that he seems to have a few brothers scanned around the world, but there is very little official online (at least that I can find).

The medals are that he is wearing are celebrating wins from the SA Olympic team., and you can visit him anytime at the V&A Waterfront (you can’t miss him).
Coke Man

Cape Town Travel

Not often you see me in a ballet hall, but don’t worry it is just a venue we are using.


Cape Town

Old tools

While I was shooting at the classic car expo, I came across a stall selling old workshop tools. The seller wanted to know why I was taking pictures of “my junk”. Well, old tools have history. They tell a story, and they leave questions behind. Who owned these tools, what were they used for, how did they end up here, what was fixed or made using these tools?

Old screwdrivers

Junk? I don’t think so.

Cape Town

Christmas Lights

Bokea created with the Christmas lights on my ree, Happy Christmas everybody

Cape Town


A row of somewhat antique chairs for sale on Main Road in Muizenberg. I just love the variety of chairs for sale.


Cape Town Travel

(Notes from the Cape in Johannesburg)

In a recent post, I spoke about our guest house in Krugersdorp. This lovely lantern hung in the middle of the outside dining area.

Cape Town