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For several years I worked in the city bowl (our “downtown” area), and I really miss it. It is so vibrant and alive; full of interesting people. There is always something happening, and I used to love wandering around the streets at lunch time absorbing the colourful spectrum that is Cape Town.

So today when I was about 1/2 hour early for a meeting in the city bowl, I grabbed my point and shoot and I hit the streets (I don’t carry my SLR all the time). I am also trying to focus on people, which is why I took these three shots on the street.

Reading the paper

This man set-up his chair, and sat reading the paper in the middle of a pedestrian road. I think that some people read the newspaper as much to read the news as because it is a way of life for them.


An art seller, just chilling and waiting for the next crowd of tourists to arrive. Notice the office chair on the pavement.


This stall-holder looked very happy, enjoying the sun in the brief bit of sunlight we had today, sitting in a 70’s style chair. I love shooting people, they always leave me wondering where they come from, what they are thinking, how they got to be where they are, and where they may be in the future. Thank you to partypoker for this post. They offer a bonus of up to $500 with your first deposit. And it is certainly cheaper that travelling all the way to Vegas to gamble. And of course you will be helping me to shoot more pictures.

Cape Town

I am proud to be African, celebrating African day with the my friends from Africa.

I was born in Africa, and I live in Africa. Africa is a fascinating place to live. Where else do you have so many languages, interesting foods, brilliant music and amazing culture? Yes Africa has her problems, poverty, crime and corruption being at the top of the list. But it is a REAL place to live. You are alive when you live in Africa.

Here are some pictures taken of Africans, in Africa.

Rasta musician in Muizenberg


Lots of rings

Bafana Bafana

Bafana Bafana, worldcup 2010


Jamming in the street


Gigi! (at a conference and Lois was with me, I promise!)

Here are some more pictures of proud Africans


I am proud to be African, celebrating African day with the my friends from Africa.

Cape Town News

If you want to shoot interesting people, goto a tattoo or bikers expo. You will find all sorts of interesting shots. Here are just three that I took.

This guy is a little much for me. I can count at least 11 piercings, and those are just the ones that I can see.

A regular biker going to check out the scene

Well, I guess one way to keep cool is to dress lightly.

This is the last of the Ink & Iron photos, I hope you enjoyed them.

Cape Town

Part 3 of the Ink & Iron shots: the ink. Weather you like tattoos or not, you simply cannot deny the talent that some of these artists have. Some astonishing work.

Lady on back with snake

Skeletal hand

Finally work in progress. I think that a job like this must take months to do. Just for the record, this is a  little keen for me, but it still looks incredible.

Cape Town

Cds MG 0100

People walking along the harbour wall in Kalk Bay. In the front of them you can see the lights of the Harbour Hourse restaurant complex. You can also just make out Fish Hoek beach on the top left.

I was going to the Harbour House for dinner, but I went there a little earlier with my camera, so I also managed to get this shot of one of the fishing boats. You can see Kalk Bay main road in the background, with Cape to Cuba (a great restaurant) just behind the harbour.

Cds MG 0083

Cape Town