Welcome relief

Raindrop chilli

This mornings rain was a welcome relief from the sweltering heat of the last couple of weeks. The garden loved the extra water, which was especially good for my  chilli plants. The plant in the photo is a peppadew, which is a uniquely South African hybrid between a chilli and a baby tomato. While it is spicy, it should be mild enough for most people. I love just chomping on them, or adding them to sandwiches or salad.

You are welcome to pop over and try some, otherwise most South African shops will have them (and certainly most shops in South Africa).


After the storm

While we had a really windy night and over 12 inches of rain, we still got off very lightly, with no damage to the house, and one very brief power cut. I am looking at the footage on CNN, and there is still a lot of flooding in New York and Long Island, and lots of cleanup will no doubt be happening in the next few days. The wind is still howling, but we are clearly over the worst of the storm.

If you look at the picture above it does not look too bad, but look at the debris on the top right that was washed down the river in the night. The stream would have risen by at least 6 feet last night. You can compare with the “before” picture below.

And the rain begins

It has started to rain quite hard, and the wind is picking up, but nothing too alarming. In all probability we will loose power, but that should be the worst for us. However the coastal areas are being hard hit with very rough waves and storms.

False Bay and Hottentots-Holland mountain

This shot was taken from the beach along Baden Powell Drive, just about where it crosses Weltevreden Road. I like the way the clouds fall over the Hottentots-Holland mountains with Hanklip just escaping the clouds.  It was a lovely (yet windy-again) morning, but the clouds brought very heavy rain with them.

This beach is a hidden gem, it is clear, smooth and very clean. A lovely spot to stop, relax and enjoy the solitude before continuing on my journey to work.

We will be at Pringle Bay tomorrow, which is just on the point of the mountain on the right, so look out for a similar shot from the otherside in the next few days.