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Road stripper

To my utter surprise, the re-tarring of Main Road is complete, and on time as well! Considering that the section between Muizenberg and Kalk Bay is about 2 years behind schedule, I never thought that they would manage to complete the section in Lakeside in the promised two weeks, but somehow they did. Well done to the contractors.

For my last post, I posted the other end of this strange-looking machine, well here is (I think) the front, or possibly the back. It is a little difficult to tell. But what seems to happen is that it drives over the tar and rips it up, and then convey’s it along the conveyor belt at the back to drop into a nearby truck.

It’s a little scary seeing these guys in action, and to think about a machine that is powerful enough to just rip apart a road like a piece of jelly, but that is basically what this guy does. A great deal of respect please.

Cape Town HDR

Strange road machine

I am not quite sure what this machine is used for, but I think that it is to strip old roads before a fresh layer of tar is added, but is just a guess. I do however know that this machine has something to do with roads, it (and its friends) has been driving up and down Main Road for the last few days, resurfacing the road.

And for the first time in history, this crew are working quickly. They are over half way, and the road  looks set to be freshly tarred well within the promised two weeks.

Cape Town HDR South Africa

You need three things to create a huge veld fire:

  1. lots of wind
  2. plenty of dry bush
  3. a hot summers day.

This explains why Cape Town has a huge fire problem in the summer months. Many of them are caused by the whims of nature, but believe it or not, many are deliberately started. Often by arsonists, and sometimes even by children wanting the entertainment of the helicopters and firetrucks.

This is not the first time that I have photographed a fire in Cape Town, but the first one this year. This shot was taken at the intersection of the R300 and N2; both major roads in Cape Town. The wall in front of the flames is about 7 feed tall, so I guess the flames are over 15 feet.

(yes this was taken through my car window with my happy-snappy, so sorry about the resolution)

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