Rock art

I saw this rock-art at Danger Beach in St James while out running a few days ago. Isn’t it pretty cool? I just love how somebody took the time to make it and just left it there for us to see, and to see what happens to it. Reminiscent of the Zen sand Mandalas that you make to perfection and then destroy, reminding us of the impermanence of everything.
cds-2015-02-24 17.45.28
More rock art
cds-2015-02-24 17.45.19

Muizenberg at night

Muizenberg at night

After the previous two action photos, here is something to mellow down a little with.  This was a long exposure (30 second) shot taken on the rocks of Muzienberg beach just after sunset. No, there is no HDR processing involved. This is just how it came out.

Muizenberg at night

Here is another shot from the same shoot – enjoy!

Reflecting off the water

These shots were taken on the beach in Pringle Bay. It was right in the middle of the “golden hour”, where sun reflecting off the rocks and the rock pools gives such wonderful colours. The top picture reminds me of the fantasy novels that I used to readwhen I was younger. I bet a fire-breathing dragon lives just to the left of the shot :-)

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