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Club Rugby

Let me get this out the way first. I have very little knowledge, and even less interest in Rugby. But what I do know about rugby is that:

  1. Along with cricket, it is the national past time of South Africa
  2. It involves a lot of stopping and crashing into each other
  3. If you have the ball in your hand, there is a distinct possibility that you won’t have it in your hand in a few seconds
  4. Everybody (except for me) is an expert
  5. A game or rugby (thankfully) takes a lot shorter than even the shortest game of cricket, and is only marginally more interesting
  6. It is very important in a social environment to have an opinion on rugby
  7. It does make for a good photoshoot

I took these shots at one of the club fields just down the road from us. I can’t tell you much except that everybody was supporting the players in blue, but the players in black seemed to be winning the game. So I guess the home team were not doing too well.

Club Rugby

Here are the rest of the shots.

Cape Town

Here are two photos; the first of Cape Town Stadium (which hosted the recent Germany/Argentina game), and Newlands Rugby Stadium, which has a history as far back as 1890. Look at the difference in the architecture, the round modern look, and the “70’s” square look.

Which do you prefer?

Cds 170 CapeTownStadium
Cape Town Stadium (above)

Cds photo 1
Detail of Cape Town Stadium

Cds IMG 9497
Newlands Rugby Stadium

Cds IMG 9498
And detail of Newlands

Cape Town