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Yes another Absinthe Shop in Prague, tons of different Absinthe’s to try.


You can buy Absinthe on every street corner in Prague, and there are even some dedicated Absinthe Shops, selling everything from Absinthe ice-cream, cocktails and even dope-infused absinthe (which of course we did not try).


Lois and I have been Lush fans for years, and often our travel plans usually include finding the local Lush shop (to be precise we have been to about 8 different shops in 6 countries).  Since they opened a shop in the V&A Waterfront Cape Town, we no longer need to worry about our luggage being overweight on our return travels.


While Lush is mainly a shop for the girls, it is a sensory experience. Their products are such a refreshing change to the usual bland supermarket soaps. The shop in Cape Town has been open for about 4 months now, and it lives up to the usual “Lush experience”. The staff are friendly, knowledgable, passionate about the brand, and really to assist.


A couple of weeks ago, Lois and I were invited to the launch of their new Gorilla range of perfumes. In typical Lush style, it was a wacky evening. Some of the helpers were a hippy, a gorilla, a cook, death, and a faery, all running around demonstrating the scents. And while I am anything from a perfume expert, they have some unusual scents with interesting names, such as “The Sun”, “Euphoria” (my favourite), and the “Devil’s Nightcap”.

Lush Gorilla

So if you have not been down to Lush, go and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed, it is quite an experience.

By the way, Lush are very strict about animal test, organic products, and they even have some vegetarian and vegan products as well.

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Cape Town News

The best soap shop in the World is finally in Cape Town, of course that is Lush (in the V&A Waterfront). We have been to their stores in at least five countries, and every time we are loaded with soaps, but finally we can just go down the road to get their soaps.

They are very eco-aware; their soaps are vegetarian, not tested on animals, green, they support charities etc. It really is a great shop to support. Lois is really happy that they are in Cape Town. It is really worth a visit, and the soaps will make great Christmas presents.

Here is a preview of the shop.


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Cape Town