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Argus Cycle Tour

On Sunday, I will be cycling in my 5th Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour, or just the Argus as everybody knows it as. The tour, which is 109 km long, winds itself around Cape Town. Approximately 38000 people will be riding in the race, which to my knowledge is the longest timed cycle event in the world, and probably the only cycling event to span two oceans.

It is an amazing event to be part of, the roads are closed, thousands of people arrive to support us on, and you get to cycle on the most beautiful scenery in the world. These are a few pictures taken over the past few years, some while watching, and some while participating in the event itself. I hope it gives you a feel for the event.

Start line

Start line

Main Road

Main Road (before permanent road-works caused the Boyes Drive detour)

Hand Cyclist

My Friend Zilani, the hand cyclist

A big bunch

A large bunch coming past

The Bar One Girls

The Bar One Girls cheer you on and hand out free chocolates


One of the many refueling stops

Physios on duty

There are many physios on duty to help the tired legs

Boyes Drive

A few extra hills here, thanks to the previously mentioned road works.


If you are in Cape Town, I hope you will either be on a bike, or supporting us as we come past. Good luck to all the cyclists, ride safe and I will see you on the road on Sunday.

Cape Town News

I spotted these early morning paddlers while driving to work, so I grabbed my phone and took the shot. I like the way the duck appears to be watching the paddlers.


Cape Town South Africa Travel

On the same day that I took the windsurfing shots, I went down to the beach to watch the kite surfers. Now if you think that the windsurfers go fast, they are like a child with training wheels on a new bicycle compared to the crazy kite surfers.

Kitesurfing on Muizenberg beach

If you put skydiving, water skiing, windsurfing and surfing into a giant bowl and mixed, you would get something resembling kite surfing. This is the only water-sport I know where wearing a helmet is (or at least should be) considered good form.

Kitesurfing on Muizenberg beach

I don’t know how high they jump, but it looks like  it can easily be over 5 meters. Sometimes you can see the beginners practise on Zandvlei (where the wind surfers usually are), and it takes a lot of practise and skill to get as good as this guy.

Kitesurfing on Muizenberg beach

Buy wow, it looks like fun, maybe I will try it someday.

Cape Town

While my blog has been a little quiet over the past few days, it is not because I have had nothing to post, but rather because I have been to busy shooting over the last few days. The glorious days in Cape Town over the Christmas period provided me with plenty of opportunity for some outdoor shooting. I will post some of the results over the next few days.

Firstly, windsurfing on Zandvlei.

Windsurfing on Zandvlei

When the South-Easter blows, it blows through False bay and straight across Zandvlei, which makes it a bit of a Mecca for windsurfers. In summer you are guaranteed to see a few windsurfers zipping up and down the vlei at high speeds. They surf at spectacular speeds,and of course they crash spectacularly as well.

About to wipeout

When the nose dips like that, you know you are going to do down.

Windsurfing on Zandvlei

When I moved to the area I tried it out for several months, but alas my balance is just not good enough for this sport. So I have to content myself with shooting (with a camera) the windsurfers. They only come out when the wind blows, but at this time of year that is almost all the time.

Weekly top shot

Cape Town South Africa

After all the wonderful meals I ate yesterday, some exercise was much needed, so I took the opportunity of a relatively cool and wind-free day to go for a morning cycle.

I went from home to the entrance of the Cape Point Nature Reserve, and the roads were surprisingly quiet. This was not the case on the return cycle; by then Cape Town was awake and about a million people were headed off to the beaches along my route.

Anyway, I cycled for 56km so I am ready for tonight’s dinner out :-)


Cape Town Travel

Here is a something unusual way to celebrate heritage day. Go for a 10km run through Gugulethu. I have driven past Gugulethu (or “Gugs” as it is locally known) many times, but I have rarely being inside, and certainly not on foot. It was a fantastic experience. Since we were basically running through the streets of a township, we had loads of wonderful supporters, screaming, shouting and blowing on their vuvuzelas to edge us on.


The run started at 7am, so as we ran through the streets, we got to watch the area wake up, with local “spaza” shops opening, taxis operating with their sound systems on full volume, fires being stocked for breakfast cooking, and entrepreneurs on every corner, finding ways to make an income.

running through "Gugs"

I didn’t take my camera with me (a heavy SLR was not going to be a good idea while running 10km), but I had my trusty phone with me, which gave me a great opportunity for some street shots. My time was 1:08, which considering all the photostops was not bad at all. Over 7 min faster than my last 10km, so I am very happy.

Here are all the photos.

So if you have nothing else to do on Heritage Day next year, why not head off to Gugs and join me on the fun run?


Cape Town

I missed the Argus Cycle tour this year,  but watching the race has finally inspired me to get back onto my bike! Yesterday I went for a 45km cycle, as I did last weekend as well! I hope that I keep it up, because I plan to be back in the race next year.

You may have noticed me mentioning the howling South-Easter on this blog, but for the next couple of months the wind dies down completely. It is the best time to go cycling. The early mornings are wonderfully cool, and completely wind-free.

Cape Town

This year I was not riding the Argus Cycle Tour, but that did not stop me from being on the side of the road taking photos, and offering some support to the 35000 cyclists that races that 109km route around Cape Town.

Both last year and the year before had absolutely shocking weather, with the wind hitting over 120km/h at some places. Well, bad luck did not come in threes. The weather was warm with a gentle cooling breeze just managing to  take the edge off the heat. Absolutely perfect weather for cycling.

To the person that stopped and chatted to me on the side of the road. No, Boyes Drive is not the second worst hill on the race, in fact it hardly counts as a hill. Smits, Chapman’s Peak and Suikerbossie are far, far worse.  But I couldn’t tell you only 25km out that the worst hills were still to come.

Speeding Union Jack


Pausing on the hill


A cyclist speeding along Boyes Drive

Cyclists at the top of one of the many hills on Boyes Drive

Cape Town News

Yesterday it was:

1) a very hot day
2) the last week of holidays for many people
3) a Wednesday

This can only mean one thing: a bumper Wednesday evening cruise at False Bay Yacht Club. I counted over 30 yachts out on the water enjoying the wonderful weather. I was stuck in my car, but how I would have loved to be out there.

Cape Town

I spent that afternoon on Sunday at a Braai with friends in Melkbos, and while I was there I managed to sneak away to the beach for a few minutes. The weather was perfect for body-boarding, and the waves were full of people enjoying the sun and thrill of the sport.

It is a long time since I was last on a body-board, but looking at these folks enjoying the water make me very tempted to find a board and join them.

Cape Town